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                                                     Bridal Shows and Wedding Expos



Tips for Attendees:

Whether it is your first bridal show or 10th here are a few tips and ideas to help you navigate both the shows and planning your wedding.

Wedding Email - Create a temporary wedding-only email. This allows you to not have to worry about your inbox overflowing or worse your Spam/Junk filter eating the emails you really did want. When you book your vendors give them your personal email and save them as a contact to never worry about missing an important email.

Address Labels - Your name, phone number, and email are essential but if you have the date and location too even better! Simply make a sheet and instead of having to rewrite everything at each vendor, just peel and stick.

Binder/Folder- Get a multi-pocket binder and organize by vendor type. All the DJs in one pocket, photographers in another, etc. Keep it simple, keep life organized.

Keep Weeding - Its hard to let things go, but also necessary to move forward. If you're confident in narrowing down your choices for a vendor don't be afraid to do so! You can throw it away if you're certain, however if there is any doubt the best choice is removing them from the pocket and putting them in a separate 'Just In Case' folder. This allows you to focus on the vendors you want and connected with but, just in case they aren't available, still have the resources if needed.

Tips for Vendors:

As every entrepreneur knows your success is built upon you, not just what you offer.

Branding- Make sure your company name is prevalent and easily seen, your business cards are displayed, and any giveaways have your company name and/or details on them.

Interaction- Leave an impression to help them remember and differentiate you from everyone else. Ask something other than 'Whats the date and where are you getting married?" as they've been asked it dozens of times before right off the bat. This is their wedding day, connect with them over how special and important it is, the details come later. Try something different like "Who is more excited your soon-to-be spouse's family or yours?"

Set Expectations- Let them know when you're going to contact them and how. If you're able to, and they are willing, set a day or time frame to follow up with them so you can both be free to discuss things in greater detail.

Whether you're looking to attend a bridal showcase to find the perfect vendor for your wedding, or if you're a vendor trying to match up with the incredible couples click below for more information on dates, locations, how to register as a guest or exhibitor and don't forget to let them know how you found out about them!

Upcoming Bridal Shows and Events

Have you been to a showcase recently? We'd love to hear your feedback!

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